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Today we have contacted customer with a new type of ransomware with . Acton

The files are fully encrypted and renamed with the extension, id[42E0C234-1942]. [fairgree.gunther@aol.com]. Acton

This encryption is a new Dharma version that has no free solution at present, if you want us to give you a quote and confirm if there is the possibility of decrypting your files write us to the address ransomware@soluciones.si

The hack has occurred because you do not have your server configured securely, you have been hacked the server by accessing the hacker by remote desktop for not having a VPN configured.

If you are in the same case and need our help to protect the server, install a secure VPN network, and a good backup system so that you never lose data again, call us at 911 895 172 or write to ransomware@soluciones.si

If you are in a similar situation, we recommend following these first steps, click here and write to us to see if we can give you a solution.