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Restaurar carpetas de Syncrify en otra máquina con el cliente

You can restore to a different machine.  When you open the client there is a button for a new profile.  When you click this, you need to check the RESTORE box.  If that is checked, and you input the user credentials of the user that backed up the data you want to restore and the magnifying glass next to the profile name will allow you to select any of their previously backed up profiles.  Once you proceed with this window, the next window is very important.  This next window will ask you to select where the new data will be stored, compared to where it was stored on the old machine.  It is very important that any listed locations must currently exist on your system, if they do not exist you will need to either change these locations or create them before proceeding.  For example, if you previously backed up E:\Data on your old machine and on the new machine you don’t have an E:\ you will need to change this location within that window to get the backups or restores to work.


This page will talk about this: https://web.synametrics.com/syncrifyrestoreanother.htm